L.E.S.T. instructors are a group of consultants from law enforcement agencies that combine their knowledge for law enforcement training programs.

Since 2009, L.E.S.T. consultants have been providing specialized training to law enforcement in defensive/tactical techniques and investigative classes.

Instructors at L.E.S.T. are experts in their field from investigations, police tactics, and martial arts. They combine years of experience, training, and instructional techniques to provide quality classes in law enforcement. 

L.E.S.T. has provided classes for technical colleges specialized training, police agencies in-service and training events, and ground defense seminars at Infusion Mixed Martial Arts. 

L.E.S.T. has also offered training at law enforcement conferences and has hosted training at University events. 

Contact us if you are interested in having us provide quality instruction to your department, conference, or small group training.